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Have a hot water system that needs repairs? Most hot water systems can be repaired.

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Hot Water System

Our licensed plumbers install and repair a full range of leading hot water systems.

Solar Hot Water

Need your solar hot water system serviced or a new solar hot water system installed.


Service your existing electric hot water system today to extend its life span.

Gas Hot Water

Looking for gas hot water, we have all your gas hot water needs covered.

Local Hot Water Heat Pump

Hot Water Heat Pumps

We cover all your hot water system heat pump servicing and installations.

Residential & Commercial
Solar & Heat Pump Rebates

Hot Water Plumber

Hot Water System Plumbers & Electricians

  • Servicing Hot Water Systems, tank installation & repairs for over 20 years.
  • We’ll give you a fixed price hot water quote before we start any work.
  • We offer a lifetime warranty on all hot water labour & manufacturers warranty on hot water parts.
  • Seniors/Pensioners discount on hot water services available.
  • Same day hot water service guaranteed*.
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Hot Water

Australian Licensed Hot Water Systems

Our team at Australian licensed plumbers and electricians strive to provide our customers with the best support when it comes to hot water system replacements, repairs and advice.
With over 20 years experience, our plumbing and electrical team is equipped to handle any hot water system job necessary.

We specialise in a variety of hot water system installations and repairs in both commercial and residential applications, ranging from gas, electric, heat pump and solar hot water systems.
If your in need of professional and friendly advice on your hot water system, please do not hesitate to contact our team today!

Get $1000’s In Savings
With A Heat Pump Hot
Water System Rebate*

FREE Yearly Inspection When You Book Online Hot Water Services*

$25 Pensioner Discount on any Hot Water System Installation Servives*

Get $1000’s In Savings
With A Heat Pump Hot
Water System Rebate*

FREE Yearly Inspection
When You Book Online
Hot Water Services*

$25 Discount on any
Hot Water System
Thermostat Or Element*

Frequently Asked
Hot Water Questions

How Do I Order Hot Water in 3 Easy Steps

1. Pick up the phone to call Australian Licensed Trades Plumbing on 0429 399 888
2. Book a Free Plumbing Inspection for a Hot Water Quote.
3. Sit back and enjoy your chosen Brand New Hot Water Heater System.

How Can I fix My Own Electric Hot Water System

You simply don’t touch it’s against the law! Not only is it highly dangerous 240V will give you an Electric Shock that can be fatal either causing death or serious injury to either you or a beloved family member . The BCA (Building Code of Australia) states all Electrical work in Australia must meet the Legislation and must be installed by an Australian Licensed Electrician. To book an ALT Hot Water Electrician call 0429 399 888

Why is my water heater making popping or rumbling sounds?
Popping sounds are often caused by sediment buildup in the tank. Flushing the tank can resolve this issue.
How can I increase the lifespan of my water heater?
Regular maintenance, including flushing the tank, checking anode rods, and promptly addressing issues, can extend the lifespan of your water heater.
Why is my hot water discolored or has a foul smell?
Discoloration and odors may result from bacterial growth or corrosion. Flushing the tank and addressing the source can improve water quality.
How often should I flush my water heater?
Flushing the tank annually is generally recommended to remove sediment and maintain optimal performance.
What should I do if there is a water heater leak?
Turn off the power or gas supply, shut off the water supply, and contact a licensed professional to assess and address the source of the leak.
Can I install a tankless water heater myself?
Installing a tankless water heater requires expertise in gas and plumbing systems. It’s advisable to hire a licensed professional for installation to ensure safety and compliance.
Why is my electric water heater tripping the circuit breaker?
This could indicate an electrical issue, such as a faulty heating element. Consult with a professional to diagnose and address the problem.

Local 24/7 Emergency Hot Water Specialists

Whether you need 24/7 emergency hot water services or expert advice on hot water rebates, our team at the Australian Licensed Hot Water Shop is here to assist you. Visit our hot water showroom and let us guide you towards the best hot water solution for your home. You may also like to browse Hot Water Heaters, Tanks and Parts by our industries top – Hot Water Systems Suppliers and Leading Brands here: Browse by Hot Water System Brands

At Australian Licensed Hot Water we provide Hot Water Services to the whole Illawarra area and surrounding suburbs;

Trusted local hot water supplier and installer, serving the Illawarra, Shoalhaven, Southern Highlands, South Coast, Nowra, Shellharbour and Wollongong regions for over 20 years. If your suburb is not on listed here thats ok just give us a call on 0429 399 888 to discuss your options or try one of our hot water service areas below…

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