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Hot Water System Rebates

There are various state and local government rebates and incentives available for residential and commercial hot water upgrades. Both solar and heat pump hot water systems qualify for STC rebates.

What hot water system rebates are available?

Get advice on what hot water system rebates you are eligible for speak to your local Australian Licensed Hot Water system specialists now about what hot water system rebates are available to you…

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Hot Water Upgrade? Residential & Commercial Rebates*

How to choose the right hot water system?

Looking for the best solar or heat pump hot water systems on the Australian hot water market.

There are a few things to consider when figuring out the ideal hot water system for your property.

Which power source gas, electric, solar, heat pump, household size etc? Try our hot water selector tool below…

Hot Water System Selector

What Hot Water System power source is available?

Hot water usage amount?

Hot Water Options Guide

You will require approximatley: 60 Litres supply. Hot water system options for your available power source are:

Electric Storage
LPG Gas Storage
Instantaneous Electric
Natural Gas Storage
Solar Electric Boost
LPG Gas Instantaneous
Natural Gas Instantaneous
Solar Gas Boost
Heat Pump

What hot water rebates are available in NSW?

There are various federal and state energy rebates available for both commercial and residential customers throughout Australia. Knowing what hot water system rebates you are eligible for in NSW can be frustrating do you need STC or ESS. We can offer you assistance in applying for your eligible NSW hot water rebates and for more information visit

Who is eligible for hot water system rebates..?

The rebate is available to eligible households and businesses that have existing electric or gas hot water systems. Upgrade your hot water system and save money with a hot water heat pump rebate. Take advantage of the NSW hot water heat pump rebate and enjoy energy-efficient hot water in your home.

What is the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS)?

According to Energy.Nsw.Gov “The Energy Savings Scheme is NSW’s largest energy efficiency program. It provides households and businesses with financial incentives to improve the energy. Upgrading your existing system to become more energy efficient can help you reduce your energy bills.  It can also reduce your emissions and environmental impact.” For more information visit

How much is the hot water rebate for?

With some hot water rebates, Australian Licensed Hot Water are able to offer free installation and/or maintenance services to save you money upfront. Be sure to ask whats included in the price of each individual hot water heater.

How much is the NSW hot water heat pump rebate?

With up to $3,000 government rebate to upgrade/replace your old inefficient electric or gas hot water system for a more energy efficient 300L+ hybrid electric heat pump. visit for more information.

Is the hot water rebate based on household size?

With up to $3,000 government rebate to upgrade/replace your old inefficient electric or gas hot water system for a more energy efficient 300L+ hybrid electric heat pump.

Number of People Peak Usage Tank Litres*
5-8 Low-High 315-400lt +
3-6 Low-High 240-315lt
2-4 Low-High 125-240lt
1-2 Low-High 80-135lt

* Sizes are to be used as a guide only.

How to claim STC rebates (Small-scale Technology Certificates)

You can claim STC‘s (Small-scale Technology Certificates) based on the amount of electricity your solar hot water or heat pump hot water system displaces. 1 MWh equals 1 STC.

Hot water system rebates and incentives

Talk to us about Federal and State Commercial and residential heat pump and solar hot water system rebates and incentives.

How often do you need to service your hot water heat pump?

How often do you need to service your heat pump hot water system?

Energy Efficient
Hot Water Heaters

Have a hot water system rebates question?

To answer all these hot water rebates questions and more! Talk to one of our qualified Hot Water Rebates Specialists today…

Local Hot Water
Rebates Specialists

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