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Upgrade Your Hot Water System with Aquatech

Generous Government Rebates Available!

Federal and State Governments are offering substantial rebates to encourage the adoption of heat pumps. There’s never been a better time to “Switch & Save” with Aquatech’s high-efficiency heat pumps.

Maximize Your Savings

Switch to the RAPID/X6 for significant upfront savings through Federal and State rebates worth up to $2,000. Enjoy ongoing savings with reduced power bills by as much as $800 per year.

Robust Design and Reliability

A Heat Pump That Looks Tough Because It Is:

• Durable plastic-free casing
• Heavy-duty tanks
• 5-Year replacement warranty

High-Efficiency Performance


• Cuts power usage by 70%
• Lowers running costs
• Significant annual savings

Ideal for Families

Storage & Heating CapacityRated for up to six people:

• 213L = 40 minutes of showering
• 3000W = 3-hour recovery
• Hot water for the whole family

Advanced Technology

Hybrid Technology for Performance & Reliability:

• 4 optimized heating modes
• Maximum 70°C temperature
• 1800W standby element

Why Choose Aquatech?

Established in 2009, Aquatech Solar Technologies is a market leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of high-efficiency heat pumps in Australia. The RAPID/X6 is the first high-performance compact heat pump, suitable for any home size.

Take Advantage of Government Rebates

State Rebates Up To $1,900
Federal Rebates Up To $1,040

Calculate your rebates today and see how affordable upgrading your hot water system can be. With energy-efficient hot water systems designed to ensure a constant supply, Aquatech Solar Technologies helps you save both time and money.

Explore our range and switch to a high-efficiency heat pump today!

Residential & Commercial Aquatech Heat Pump Rebates

Hot Water Plumber

Aquatech Hot Water System Plumbers & Electricians

  • Aquatech Heat Pumps are an Accredited Provider of Energy Efficient Hot Water Heat Pump Systems for both Residential & Commercial use.
  • Australia Licensed Hot Water are the No.1 Local Authorised Supplier & Installers of Aquatech. Servicing Hot Water Systems, tank installation & repairs for over 20 years.
  • We’ll give you a fixed price hot water quote before we start any work.
  • We offer a lifetime warranty on all hot water labour & manufacturers warranty on hot water parts.
  • Seniors/Pensioners discount on hot water services available.
  • Same day hot water service guaranteed*.
Aquatech Heat Pump Technology

Hot Water

Hot Water Systems

Discover the RAPID/X6 Heat Pump: Quiet, Efficient, and Smart

Ultra-Quiet Operation

The RAPID/X6 is one of the quietest heat pump systems available in Australia, ensuring peace and comfort in your home.


Environmentally Friendly
Registered as a renewable energy product by the Australian Clean Energy Regulator, the RAPID/X6 heat pump saves over 3 tons of carbon emissions per year. Switching to the RAPID/X6 is not only beneficial for your budget but also for the planet.

Reliable Hot Water Supply
Hot water emergencies can happen unexpectedly. The RAPID/X6 includes a standby Element Mode, allowing it to deliver hot water even under fault conditions.

Powerful Performance
The RAPID/X6 R290 heat pump can produce over 3000W of heating power, ensuring quicker recovery times and shorter running periods for maximum efficiency.

Smart Home Integration
Keep your home up-to-date with smart technology. The RAPID/X6 is WiFi-enabled via the Tuya smart-home app, allowing you to control and monitor your hot water system from your phone or tablet, anytime and anywhere.

Aquatech Heat Pumps: Unmatched Efficiency and Savings

We are the No.1 trusted partner for high-efficiency Aquatech heat pump solutions throughout the Illawarra Region. The RAPID/X6 and DYNAMIC/X8 models are designed to deliver significant savings, exceptional performance, and long-term reliability. With generous federal and state rebates available, there has never been a better time to switch to an Aquatech heat pump and start saving on your energy bills.

Why Choose Aquatech Heat Pumps?

• Significant Energy Savings: Reduce your power consumption by up to 70%.
• Generous Rebates: Take advantage of federal and state rebates worth up to $2000.
• Advanced Technology: Wi-Fi enabled controls, hybrid heating modes, and high-efficiency components.
• Durability and Reliability: Heavy-duty tanks, corrosion-resistant casings, and comprehensive warranties.

RAPID/X6 Heat Pump

Key Features

• Federal and State Rebates: Save up to $2000 upfront.
• Reduced Power Bills: Up to $800 per year in savings.
• Durable Design: Metal casings, corrosion-resistant zinc, and no plastics.
• Advanced Refrigeration: Electronic expansion valve and micro-channel heat exchanger.
• Heavy-Duty Tanks: Maintenance-free and robust construction.
• Wi-Fi Enabled: Control and monitor with the Tuya smart-home app.


• Dimensions:
• Height: 1580 mm
• Diameter: 620 mm
• Weight: 105 kg
• Volumes:
• Tank Storage: 213 L
• Heated Volume: 210 L
• Above Element: 150 L
• Plumbing:
• Connections: 3/4” G
• PTR Rating: 850 kPa
• ECV Rating: 700 kPa
• Electrical:
• Supply: 220-240 V
• Circuit: 10 Amp
• Compressor: 900 W

DYNAMIC/X8 Heat Pump

Key Features

• Perfect Solar Partner: Maximize your solar PV output with additional tank storage.
• Hot Water On Demand: 268L tank ensures ample hot water supply.
• Quick Recovery Time: Full tank recovery in under 3.5 hours.
• Large Capacity: Suitable for homes with up to six people.
• Thermal Battery Functionality: Adjust heating cycles to match solar output.
• Smart Controls: Set timers, select modes, and adapt with Wi-Fi integration.


• Dimensions:
• Height: 1810 mm
• Diameter: 620 mm
• Weight: 110 kg
• Volumes:
• Tank Storage: 268 L
• Heated Volume: 263 L
• Above Element: 185 L
• Plumbing:
• Connections: 3/4” G
• PTR Rating: 850 kPa
• ECV Rating: 700 kPa
• Electrical:
• Supply: 220-240 V
• Circuit: 10 Amp
• Compressor: 900 W
• Element: 1800 W

Built to Last

Both the RAPID/X6 and DYNAMIC/X8 models feature:

• Heavy-Duty Tanks: Constructed with industry-leading thickness and coatings, protected by non-sacrificial anodes.
• Galvanized Casing: Made from corrosion-resistant zinc sheets with no exposed plastics.
• Precision Refrigeration: High-performance Toshiba compressor, micro-channel heat exchangers, and electronic expansion valves.
• Hybrid Reliability: Backup elements ensure a continuous hot water supply, even during maintenance or servicing.

Customer Testimonials

Thousands of homes are saving with Aquatech heat pumps. Here’s what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

• H G. on 13/5/2024: “Our newly installed Aquatech Heat Pump is working well, meeting our hot water needs. Installation was efficient and the unit adjusted perfectly.”
• Mike R. on 11/5/2024: “Our Aquatech RAPID/X6 has been great. We have plenty of hot water and save a lot on electricity. Adjusting settings for heating times is easy.”
• Nicholas Ross on 8/5/2024: “Replaced our old gas hot water system with the Aquatech heat pump a few months ago. Zero issues with hot water for showers, washing, cleaning – feels like a great investment.”

Easy Installation and Comprehensive Warranty

Australian Licensed Hot Water are an Aquatech heat pumps exclusive partner throughout the Ilawarra and South Coast, we consisting of plumbers, electricians, and solar experts selected for our expertise and customer service. Call us now or vist our Nowra Hot Water Showroom for personalised model recommendations, running cost analysis, rebate values, and quotes for your area.

Both the RAPID/X6 and DYNAMIC/X8 models are supported by a Five-Year Replacement Warranty, covering the tank, electronics, and refrigeration. If any components fail, we will supply a new system free of charge within the warranty period.

Get Started Today

Switch to Aquatech heat pumps today and start saving! Contact us for more information or to get a personalized quote.

Don’t miss out on the savings and efficiency of Aquatech heat pumps. Make the switch and enjoy reliable hot water with lower running costs!

Aquatech Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I save by switching to an Aquatech heat pump?

By switching to an Aquatech heat pump, you can take advantage of Federal and State rebates worth up to $2,000. Additionally, our RAPID/X6 model cuts power usage by 70%, potentially saving you as much as $800 per year on your electricity bills. Over time, these savings can significantly offset the initial investment in a high-efficiency heat pump.

What makes the RAPID/X6 heat pump different from traditional hot water systems?

The RAPID/X6 heat pump offers several advantages over traditional hot water systems:

• Efficiency: It reduces power consumption by up to 70%, leading to significant energy savings.
• Durability: It features a durable plastic-free casing and heavy-duty tanks, ensuring long-term reliability.
• Advanced Technology: It includes hybrid technology with 4 optimized heating modes and can reach a maximum temperature of 70°C, providing consistent hot water for your home.
• Eco-Friendly: Heat pumps are more environmentally friendly, as they use renewable energy sources and produce fewer carbon emissions compared to conventional systems.

Is the installation of an Aquatech heat pump complicated?

Installation of an Aquatech heat pump is straightforward and can be completed efficiently by professional installers. Our team ensures that the installation process is smooth and hassle-free. We also provide detailed operation manuals and support to help you get the most out of your new system. Once installed, you’ll immediately start experiencing the benefits of reduced energy consumption and consistent hot water supply.

Get $1000’s In Savings
With A Heat Pump Hot
Water System Rebate*

FREE Yearly Inspection When You Book Online Hot Water Services*

$25 Pensioner Discount on any Hot Water System Installation Servives*

Get $1000’s In Savings
With A Heat Pump Hot
Water System Rebate*

FREE Yearly Inspection
When You Book Online
Hot Water Services*

$25 Discount on any
Hot Water System
Thermostat Or Element*

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Whether you need 24/7 emergency hot water services or expert advice on hot water rebates, our team at the Australian Licensed Hot Water Shop is here to assist you. Visit our hot water showroom and let us guide you towards the best hot water solution for your home. You may also like to browse Hot Water Heaters, Tanks and Parts by our industries top – Hot Water Systems Suppliers and Leading Brands here: Browse by Hot Water System Brands

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